One Night Bar Stand - Mobile Bar For Hire

A mobile bar service for private events, weddings, birthdays and other celebratory occasions….like Tuesday



In the words of The Notorious B.I.G,"It was all a dream.."

While trying to plan my own wedding in 2016, I noticed the lack of bar services available. 

Nowadays, all brides live in this Pinterest dream of what they want their big day  to look like and I was determined to create something that could live up to that vision.  

And that's how One Night Bar Stand was born...

What do we offer?

A unique bar experience sure to get your guests talking and the Instagram accounts flowing.  Unfortunately, Florida has some silly little laws that don't allow us to bring the alcohol but we will bring everything else from mixers, garnish, cups, ice, decor and even some sass. 

Have a question?  Just contact us.